Fuel Savings

Use of the combined heat and power generation represents some 40 % fuel saving. Financially speaking it means that for the same amount of energy the user pays only 60 % of the money.

Saving the Costs for the Purchase of Energy

From the same volume of fuel the user gets approximatelydouble amount of energy, of which it can sold part, and thus reduce the production costs.

Minimisation of Power Distribution Costs

Heat and power are generated on the spot of internal consumption, and this eliminates costs for the power distribution and losses caused by remote distribution. The heat produced in the cogeneration unit isused for heating the buildings, hot domestic water preparation or for the preparation of technological heat.

Environmentally-Friendly Production

Since through the use of combined power and heat production the company saves approximately40 % of fuel, the cogeneration saves the environment to the same extent.

Energy for Emergency Use

Onsites with uninterrupted operationsthe cogeneration units are often used as backup power supplies.

Production of Cooling

With the absorption heat exchanger the produced heat can be used also for cooling for technology needs, or for air-conditioning. In this case we speak about the so-called tri-generation–combined production of power, heat and cooling.